Why Have a Will?
A Will determines who controls your estate after your death (the Executor/Trustee/Personal Representative)
A Will identifies the persons that will receive your estate (the beneficiaries)
Having a will minimizes estate expenses that result when a person dies without a will (if you die without a Will, the Court will have to appoint an Administrator)
If you die without a will (Intestate), State law will determine who is entitled to your estate and the amount of your estate that they will receive (Intestate Succession)
If you have infant children and you die without a Will and your Spouse is also deceased or unfit to act as the parent of your children, the Court will appoint someone to care for your children.  This person may not be the person you would have chosen as the Guardian for your children.  Contested Guardianship proceedings will result in your Estate incurring needless expense.

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